We believe in the multidisciplinary team to address the challenge that each of the projects entails. We believe in work and constant dedication to something that goes beyond our profession, the passion for which we do not stop innovating. We have over 40 workers, 25ha of land, 2 trucks crane, 5 vehicles prepared to develop from the most ambitious project to the smallest private garden.

Jaime Pastor

Jaime Pastor / 1973

Landscape engineer

As a child he learns the offspring playing between plants and trees in the family nursery. For more than ten years he has been, together with his brother Pedro Pastor, the management of Ferpas' design and landscape team.

Pedro Pastor

Pedro Pastor / 1977

Technical engineer agronomist

Directs the department of projects and landscaping next to Jaime pastor. Technical engineer agronomist and agricultural technician, specialized in genetics and tropical garden.

Jose Vicente Fernandez

Jose Vicente Fernandez / 1977

Purchasing Manager

Responsible for garden shopping department. Like his cousins he has grown between plants. In love with Asian culture, his great passion is bonsai.

Pedro Luis Fernandez

Pedro Luis Fernandez / 1964

Hydraulic Technician

Responsible for the department of irrigation and hydraulics for more than twenty years. Knowing the latest trends in relation to the latest hig-tech products for the design of irrigation networks, as well as pumping systems and automatisms.

Juan Fernández

Juan Fernández / 1941


Co-founder of the company, with more than 60 years of experience in the field of gardening. A passionate man who, thanks to his tenacity and courage, has made FERPAS one of the leading companies in the sector.